Welcome To My Mine

Sleeping Knights Minecraft server is now up and running for early playtest! We’re doing build-what-you-want (aka creative) gamemode for now for server performance testing, come join and build your own home! Our server also allow connection from third-party launchers for …

Azur Turbulence + Review

War. War never changes, in any era. Sleeping Knights ventured out to the deep blue sea, under clear blue sky spreading across the horizon. Commander, this is Azur Lane. This is a naval-themed side-scrolling shoot ’em up / bullet hell …

Moving On

Hey everyone! It truly has been a while since our last announcement. Our months and years of effort spent in UberStrike has nothing short of being bittersweet. Lots of fun moments, lots of banter, and although I wouldn’t exactly say …

The Last of Us

Lightning Flash Asuna, reporting in! Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received at UberKill Discord community, we’ve now reached the maximum number of members allowed in a clan for UberStrike (that is 12 members in total!). My sincere gratitude goes …

Alternate Accounts & Us

Hi again, everyone at Sleeping Knights! Thanks to overwhelming support and recognition we’ve received, our clan now has 10 members in total (That’s 2 more before hitting the members limit!). Shoutout to all the members who have decided to join …

Hello world!

If you’re seeing this, it marks the creation day of the Sleeping Knights website. Welcome aboard, strangers! As the founder and clan leader, it would be a lie for me to not envision for future growth of the clan. I …



Typical programmer/NEET who spends most of his life staring on a screen.
Obsesses over little details, a fast-learner but terrible at everything else.

Currently leading Sleeping Knights.




Aqua of Sleeping Knights.
Thoughts beyond human comprehension, stubborn beyond reasonable doubt

Currently next to useless.




Vexaria of Sleeping Knights.
A sprinkle of sadism for entertaining outcome.

Currently a Moderator of Sleeping Knights.




Fate of Sleeping Knights.
Hardcore mobage commandment.

Currently a Member of Sleeping Knights.