Sleeping Knights Minecraft server is now up and running for early playtest!

We’re doing build-what-you-want (aka creative) gamemode for now for server performance testing, come join and build your own home!

Our server also allow connection from third-party launchers for people who do not own official copy of Minecraft. TLauncher for Minecraft can be obtained through this link.

The server will prompt for a registration when you first join in with your desired username. Wait for the prompt to pop up in chat, and simply type /register <password> <confirm_password> into the chat to proceed. The chatbar can be accessed with T key by default. There is a short timeout when registering your account, so please think of your password beforehand.

The next time you login you can simply use /login <password> instead.

Set your skin in-game with /skin set <png_url>.
/skin update command will update your skin setting to the database stored inside the server. You can skip this step if you own a legitimate copy of Minecraft.

Head over to our Discord (#about channel) to obtain the server IP address for participation.

Have this video for closure

Cya boomers.

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