The Last of Us

Lightning Flash Asuna, reporting in! Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received at UberKill Discord community, we’ve now reached the maximum number of members allowed in a clan for UberStrike (that is 12 members in total!). My sincere gratitude goes to everyone for showing their valuable support and interest into Read more…



Typical programmer/NEET who spends most of his life staring on a screen.
Obsesses over little details, a fast-learner but terrible at everything else.

Currently leading Sleeping Knights.




Aqua of Sleeping Knights.
Thoughts beyond human comprehension, stubborn beyond reasonable doubt

Currently next to useless.




Vexaria of Sleeping Knights.
A sprinkle of sadism for entertaining outcome.

Currently a Moderator of Sleeping Knights.




Fate of Sleeping Knights.
Hardcore mobage commandment.

Currently a Member of Sleeping Knights.