If you’re seeing this, it marks the creation day of the Sleeping Knights website. Welcome aboard, strangers!

As the founder and clan leader, it would be a lie for me to not envision for future growth of the clan. I dream of someday that I can unite all the passionate gamers worldwide doesn’t matter the location, race or even genders.

The existence of the internet connected us all, so it’s my turn to maintain the link.

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Founder, domain owner, web programmer, lead writer,  SereGamers leader, Minecraft server owner, NEET and everything Sleeping Knights.
In his room 90% of the day, typically obsesses over little details.

Isn't quite a fan on nonsensical people, white is his favorite color if it's even considered a color. Uses dark mode on most of his UI, ironically.

Currently leading Sleeping Knights.




Aqua of Sleeping Knights.
Thoughts beyond human comprehension, stubborn beyond reasonable doubt

Currently next to useless.




Vexaria of Sleeping Knights.
A sprinkle of sadism for entertaining outcome.

Currently a Moderator of Sleeping Knights.




Fate of Sleeping Knights.
Hardcore mobage commandment.

Currently a Member of Sleeping Knights.