We're recruiting!

We're a collection of casual, positive like-minded people willing to play, gain and share our online experience together as a family. Our goal is to create memorable moments together.

We're casual

We aim to recreate of what actual gaming environment used to be when we were little, talking casually, logging in and playing daily to see regular names, recognize regular people and do regular things.

We value fairness

We value cooperation and teamworks more than being righteous or competitive. As such, we highly respect each other and strictly despise toxicity, selfishness and usage of unfair means in order to gain advantage.

We're awesome

We're aiming to gather everyone with the same passion toward gaming as a hobby and as a place to relieve stress, escape from real life pressure or simply the competitive desire to win. There's nothing to be mad at.

Clan Requirements:

  • Able to tolerate with other players, lags and ping difference
  • Able to stay composed, calm and rational in-game.
  • Able to maintain respectable attitude and able to respect others.

Meet our factions

Because Sleeping Knights favor all


Strive beyond boundaries

For those who seeks thrill, challenge and boundless possibilities.

Gamers unite.



Balance the Soul

For those who seeks internal strength and natural harmony.

Sweet serenity.


We always welcome fellow Man of Culture™ alike
Sleeping Knights

Sleeping Knights

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Our Discord server is a great place to get started!

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